` Upling Covering


Upline Coverings Inc is manufacturers of a new line of Interior and Exterior Digitally Printed glass tiles with many or any decorative capabilities. This new line can be used for Commercial or Residential use armed with all the major globally recognized certifications.

Our products are Eco Friendly, High Quality, Acid-Resistant, Non-Slip, Wear-Resistant and more and are being used in high end commercial or residential projects in Europe and far East in many architecture and decorative categories and can be produced in almost any design and many sizes as big as 9.85 ft x 19.7 ft if desired and can replace Ceramics, Glaze or marble stones in many construction projects with better anti-skid factor and stronger drop ball test results than marble, ceramic or Granite Tiles or stones. They can also be used for the following: Shower Walls | Shower Doors | Kitchen Counters | Backsplashes | Partitions | Stairways | Columns | Closets | Ceilings | Office Furniture.

Our products can be easily installed by cement or glass glue with minimum wall preparations since it requires a low wall smoothness which reduces the cost of raw material, construction, transportation, and others.

Our patterns can be the same as any natural marble stone and ceramic tiles. We can also customize and produce any desired patterns provided by our customers.